2013 Kong Audio/Midifan 游戏音乐创作比赛二等奖
  获奖者:Peter Roth (匈牙利)
  作品:The Hardest Day of Inspector Chen




The Hardest Day of Inspector Chen was inspired by the multicultural world of


Shanghai and Cop movies like Infernal Affairs, Heat, Black Rain and late


80s/early 90s soundtracks. The piece mixes the past and the present and


combines European music with traditional Chinese instruments. The classical


guitar in the main melody is for me a kind of symbol of the European refugees


who arrived in Shanghai during WWII. Between the guitar you can hear the


guzheng and erhu instruments which add the Asian flavour to the whole.


Although the melody is rooted in the past, it's a 9+ minutes long cinematic thriller song which plays in the present and is a


story of the hardest (and hopefully not the last) day of Inspector Chen who has to run through the city of Shanghai- run


through his past, survive the present and live for the future. It's a long way, the hardest day that can last his lifetime.  



"The Hardest Day of Inspector Chen" (陈巡官最辛苦的一天)

这首作品灵感来自是上海都市多元文化,还有80、90年代的一些警匪电影的配乐如无间道, Heat,及黑雨(Black Rain)。






The Hardest Day of Inspector Chen 欣赏:


Peter Roth (匈牙利)



I'm an amateur musician, no professional background. Studied classical and jazz piano for


a few years but I earned my musicial experience mostly in an 'self-taught' way. I play music


for fun, there's no exact genre or musical style I would follow. I like every kind of good